Great job cleaning and customer service was excellent, I never realized how important it was to keep my systems running clean until AHSC!

- Patrick G

“He did a very thorough job! Great customer communication and service.”

- J. Harris


HVAC Cleaning

An HVAC unit has many components to it, the outer layer of the unit has coils, and dirt builds on these coils causing a layer of debris. The effect of this is a barrier that prevents airflow, this will make your HVAC unit become less efficient and increase your electricity bill. AHSC will clean these coils on both your inside (evaporator coils) and outside (condenser coils) HVAC units to create better airflow in your home and allow your HVAC units to reach the temperature you set more quickly. We recommend having your coils cleaned every four months because of the amount of dirt and dust we have in Arizona.


Condenser Coil Cleaning: $50 for first unit, any additional unit is $25 per unit

Evaporator Coil Cleaning: $50 for first unit, any additional unit is $25 per unit

Air Filter Replacement

An air filter catches debris, such as pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, smoke, and pet dander, the air in your home circulates air through these filters. If the filters are dirty then you are breathing in air that is polluted with everything caught in an air filter. AHSC will replace the air filters in your home so you are breathing in better quality air.


Air Filter Replacement: $20 per filter replacement

Commercial Air Filter Replacement: Call or email to schedule your free estimate

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are made to create energy in your home by using the sun, when your panels are dirty they are not getting as much sun light, which means they are not working to their max efficiency. Solar panels get dirty from dust and bird droppings, these are not cleaned away by rain, your panels need to be scrubbed clean in order to rid them of this debris. AHSC takes pride in helping keep solar panels clean and working at their max efficiency.


Single Story Home

$3.00 per panel plus $40 service charge

Two Story Home

$3.00 per panel plus $75 service charge


We can clean any commercial sites, call today for a quote!

Solar Panel Bird Netting

Many people experience a problem with having birds create nests under their solar panels and having other small animals go underneath the panels and chew on wiring, with our bird netting service all of these problems can be solved. Not only do birds create nests under the panels, they also cause your roof and panels to have a large amount of bird droppings on them, this can affect your solar panels efficiency. By allowing AHSC to install netting around your panels you can prevent these problems.


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